Curious Little Girl
18+ ONLY PLEASE I've always been a good girl, and I've gotten curious as to what the other side is like. I've been anxious to get a little bad, and here's where it begins.

I get this evil little giddy feeling whenever customers at work call me beautiful, as in “So, beautiful, do you have my keys?” or “Have a great day, beautiful,”. Obviously, I’m flattered, especially when it’s from the young cute guys in good cars, but more than that, I like to fantasize about what would happen if Boyfriend was here. I know I’d flirt with these guys. I’d flirt hard. I’d blush and giggle and flash Boyfriend a wink when the flirt wasn’t looking.

"Hey beautiful…"


Beautiful pink bum, if all goes according to plan.┬áConniving little girl knows what she wants…

I think that’s why I love a man taking control; it’s not what I’m used to. I can’t manipulate things to go the way I want. Though I do enjoy that quite a lot…