Curious Little Girl
18+ ONLY PLEASE I've always been a good girl, and I've gotten curious as to what the other side is like. I've been anxious to get a little bad, and here's where it begins.

Boyfriend and I were laying in bed. He was reading for a philosophy class, and I was watching Buffy with some headphones on (lulz, working reeeeal hard…). I was playing with his cock (habit? boredom?) and he got frustrated.

"I don’t remember anything I read from the past two pages."

He climbed on top of me and fucked my face.

Now, see, what’s important about that is the last time he fucked my face, he was very, very drunk and I was very, very sober. This was a long time ago, before we got BDSMy. The next morning he felt awful, like he used me… well, against my will I suppose. So for him to do this… Whew. Big, big sexy step.

By the end, I had drool pooling on my check and neck. My face was sticky with spit and cum. My panties… Thank god I was wearing panties, or I would have been in big trouble for making Boyfriend’s sheets all messy.

It was very, very, very nice.