Curious Little Girl
18+ ONLY PLEASE I've always been a good girl, and I've gotten curious as to what the other side is like. I've been anxious to get a little bad, and here's where it begins.

and I was soaking in a bubble bath surrounded by candles. Boyfriend sits on the edge of the tub, watching me, rubbing my legs, brushing my hair. I melt into the water and leave with all my anxieties running down the drain. I want to be wrapped up in a warm fluffy towel with a sweet kiss lingering on my forehead.

All this following a brutal fuck.

Went to bed with the pinkest bum! Woke up with the pinkest bum.


He ate all my tasty leftover thai food though.

Boyfriend, boo.

I want a little girl to share a mouthful of warm cum with me. We’ll kiss it back and forth until it’s dripping down our chins and he wants to take us both again. Tied up, even better.

I just found a HItachi wand for 30 bucks and Boyfriend let me buy it! AHHHHHHHHHHH!

Super good little girl status! The goodest! :3

Somebody play with meeee!

Little girl’s going out tonight!

I feel like it’s been too easy for me to be a good girl. Maybe I just want a challenge. Maybe that’s why I rebel. Or maybe I’m just an anxious little slut who wants as much as she can get. Either way, if things don’t start getting difficult for me, I’m going to go wild. I can feel it. Restrain me or I will run untamed.

By multiple people, none the less. I’ll be a good girl, I promise. And I’ll be better with every spanking. ;)

My growth as a feminist has directly coincided with my growing interest in BDSM. Unusual coincidence, or a research thesis waiting to happen?

Boyfriend comes home today!

I get this evil little giddy feeling whenever customers at work call me beautiful, as in “So, beautiful, do you have my keys?” or “Have a great day, beautiful,”. Obviously, I’m flattered, especially when it’s from the young cute guys in good cars, but more than that, I like to fantasize about what would happen if Boyfriend was here. I know I’d flirt with these guys. I’d flirt hard. I’d blush and giggle and flash Boyfriend a wink when the flirt wasn’t looking.

"Hey beautiful…"


Beautiful pink bum, if all goes according to plan. Conniving little girl knows what she wants…

I think that’s why I love a man taking control; it’s not what I’m used to. I can’t manipulate things to go the way I want. Though I do enjoy that quite a lot…

I’m not into beastiality. Being a bit sarcastic in my last post to you, anon. :P

But now I’m curious! Who are you? Don’t worry, I don’t bite. Biting gets me in trouble! :)

What a great vacation this has been. Boyfriend left for winter break, and I’ve been up visiting him for the past week. It’s cold here, and his room is in the basement, but he finds ways to warm me up…

Why can’t morning sex happen every morning? What a great way to start the day: riding a thick cock…

Boyfriend… I need you. I am too horny to be around anyone else.